What is Meal Delivery Software?

Meal Delivery Software is easy to use, web-based software service meal delivery organizations use manage their client accounts, meals, meal lists, deliveries, routing, volunteers/delivery personnel, and accounting on a daily basis.

Not Using Software to Manage Meal Deliveries?

Our user-friendly software will free you to serve your clients, rather than being buried in the paperwork associated with organizing meal preparation, delivery, and invoicing your clients. MDS has it all in an easy-to-use solution.

Currently Using Home-Grown or Outdated Software?

You may already have software that is no longer meeting your changing needs, or it takes too many steps to perform basic tasks. MDS is built upon years of client input and best practices; we can customize MDS to meet any specific organizational needs, including development of customized reports.

Need Simple-to-Use Software?

Your work is challenging enough. You need easy-to-use software that is accessible from anywhere 24/7/365. Let Meal Delivery Software worry about the equipment, security, network, and data backups. We can get you running in as little as 48 hours. It's that simple!

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"From management of client billing to management of volunteers, it does it all in a user-friendly interface."